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Sebseb Belu, is an Ethiopian Cultural Group for the Performing Arts established in 2009.  The group includes teens and young adults who are proud promoters of their Ethiopian culture.  Sebseb Belu performs  dances from all around Ethiopia, north, south, east and west. The group consists of passionate, and talented young males and females who take pride in their culture and heritage and would like to share it with Canada.

WHAT DOES SEBSEB BELU MEAN?  “Sebseb Belu” is an Ethiopian expression in Amharic which signifies “To Unite” or “To come together as one”, which represents the whole meaning of this group. This cultural dance group was formed by Suzie (founder) and her daughter Rebka, who realized that unification and organization was needed in the Ethiopian community of Toronto. Many Ethiopians were and still are separated by political issues and misunderstandings, especially the youth who have no where to go because of such a dilemma. With that being said, Sebseb Belu’s goal is to reach out to Ethiopians and unite them, bringing them together with their culture, music and many other dramatic arts.

             Additionally, Sebseb Belu strives to teach and circulate the culture of Ethiopia to Canadians of different races so that they too can experience the beauty of it all. Sebseb Belu’s target in particular, is for the youth in Toronto, and to keep them away from gangs, and bad addictions. Here they can meet new friends, learn the culture and most importantly have fun together

Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.  According to the Natural History Museum, Africa is essential to all cultures. Human life originated on this continent and began to migrate to other areas of the world many years ago The culture of Ethiopia is diverse and generally structured along…

Rebka, co-founder of Sebseb Belu with her mother Suzie, has been representing her culture ever since a child. From show and tells in pre-school to multi-cultural shows in high school, Rebka has always been enthusiastic in her culture and participated in a variety of community shows. With hard work and practice she learned all the different types of dances in Ethiopia as well as their traditional attire. She has not only learned but mastered all of the movements and has come as far to teach others her talent, with a goal of introducing them to the many cultures that their country has to show. Upon her visit to Ethiopia, Rebka has had the chance to see Addis Ababa, Bahirdar ,Wello & Sekotta, Gonder , Gojam and has even danced with the famous artists Mekuanent Melese and Kassahun Taye as well as various known dancers in the entertainment business. Her aim is to teach her culture to the children and youth living outside of Ethiopia, and to empower them with a sense of patriotism. She now choreographs all of her dances mixing different beats and songs to create her own Sebseb Belu fusion. Outside of Sebseb Belu Rebka also holds many other talents. She enjoys dancing Salsa and Zumba, as well as Arabic Bellydancing. Furthermore, she enjoys singing in which she solely contributes publicly at church through Amharic mezmur (hymns). She also shares an interest in playing the piano as well as the violin and hopes to learn the traditional Masinko and Kirar sometime soon. When leaving the arts side of Rebka, we have learned that she also aspires to continue her studies in Law & Justice and to help her country people in the future. Aside from English and Amharic Rebecca also speaks French and Spanish. Her dream is to bring peace within her country and provide worldly recognition with the many cultures and discoveries that few know about. “It’s time to make a change for our country” she says. We hope to see her success soon! Rebecca:  an Ethiopian cultural dance  choreographer   born and grown up  Canada Toronto ; she is also a creator and Owner of Sebseb belu ETHIOPIAN CULTURAL DANCE GROUP .  Rebecca speak 5 language; Amharic(Ethiopian Language), English , French , Italy and Spanish ,  Currently  she  is a  student of  University of Toronto .

Image from ESFNA Toronto  , Ethiopian Soccer tournament North America july 3 opening ceremony

Image From pan America sport Game opening ceremony.

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@PAN AM 2015 opening ceremony

SEBSEB BELU TEAM ON PAN AM 2015 OPENING CEREMONY( pin us with our cultural cloth)

JULY 1st Canada Day @ Yonge-Dundas Square